Richard thinks you should donate a few 
dollars to InfoSec News &!"If you spend more on coffee than on IT security, then you will be hacked.
What's more, you deserve to be hacked." 

- Richard Clarke 
   Former Special Adviser to the President on Cyberspace Security, NSC.

InfoSec News is in a cash crunch.  While we could start accepting funds in lieu of sponsorship on the list, we would rather take donations from subscribers to keep InfoSec News relatively advertising free. It's sorely needed and helps a good cause!

For $1.00 at the local diner, you can buy a bottomless cup of coffee. At the local bookstore, a large three shot, double latte cappuccino is about $6.00. Ideally we'd like to see every InfoSec News subscriber sacrifice at least one or two days without his or her coffee to enable us to continue the work we've been doing, but improve our services.

We've hit our milestones of creating a digest version of the list, RSS feeds of InfoSec News and soon plan to offer other crucial security mailing lists.

"You're way ahead of the power curve on current info. I see things on ISN that don't typically hit the mainstream for many days or weeks in rags like Network World, e-Week, etc."

"Keeping up with security related news is important in this business, and I have little time to troll the web for news. ISN is a great service to me."

"This is the most informative mail list I have ever been on and have passed it on to many of my associates who share the same opinion."

"The ISN list is highly recommended, and probably more entertaining than BugTRAQ."

"I've found your list to be perhaps the single best security-related list to subscribe"

"I'm absolutely in love with the ISN and its rich contents"

"ISN has been an invaluable resource."

A donation of $1 to $5 isn't a lot when you consider the work done behind the scenes here, such as dealing with Microsoft SMTPSVC, bounced mail, and dead addresses. Its no small feat finding, filtering, formatting, and analyzing the news stories that nearly 6000 information security, homeland defense, and open source intelligence professionals depend on a daily basis.

Thank you for your consideration!

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