Hello! this is William Knowles' PGP information, I strongly urge you to encrypt sensitive information. We can exchange email with you using PGP. Please mail me and ask for the most current key as we're currently making the move to newer hardware, and newer versions of PGP. 

I do all my PGP work on a non-networked Intel-based PC, so I suppose that it could be stolen by burglars, black bagged by a team of crack NSA/CIA Goons, or by rogue Greys working with Men in black helicopters But it is far more secure than most of the other systems that I have peeked into in the past. :) 

I will certify keys for people I know well by voice over the phone (rare) and other people only in person. If PGP asks you how much you trust me, I would recommend probably a 3 or so unless you have met me or know me. 


William Knowles erehwon (at) c4i.org
Last updated 2.13.06