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Current C4I.org News

08.19.13          News: InfoSec News - www.infosecnews.org

08.11.12          Military: The Air Tractor® AT-802U - Aircraft designed for surveillance, precision strike & COIN operations

09.14.10          Book: Intelligence Analysis: How to Think in Complex Environments

08.21.10          Advice: Things I've learned, part 1 By Michael Tomberlin -- The Birmingham News

08.21.10          Advice: Things I've learned, part 2 By Michael Tomberlin -- The Birmingham News

07.15.10          Advice: How to Enjoy a Convention

10.21.09          News: Bio of Dr. Stewart David Nozette

09.08.09          Military: Combat Rescue Afghanistan 2009

05.09.09          Funny: The Tragedy of Post-KBR Stress Disorder

05.02.09          Military: Harold Deane Did a "Private Ryan" Six Times

01.16.09          Military: Interesting read about The 23rd Headquarters Special Troops (World War II)

11.14.07          Tech: E-mail list of spammers, and those that do nothing about spamming

05.31.07          News: Al Qaeda Strikes Back by Bruce Riedel

05.18.07          Advice: New findings from FBI about cop attackers & their weapons

05.16.07          Funny: The Spy Game

02.24.07          Cool: Strangers on my Flight - Frank Sinatra Parody

02.22.07          News: Shop InfoSec News

10.05.06          News: C4I.org walks to help cure juvenile diabetes

05.19.06          Advice: The Intelligence Cycle in Action - by Anonymous

05.17.06          Friends: rsync.net - Secure, Online, Geo-Redundant Data Storage

04.19.06          News: Blank Slate - Open Source Intelligence: by Robert David Steele

04.02.06          Book: The Helio Courier Ultra C/stol Aircraft - by Frank Joseph Rowe

03.02.06          Military: Private Security Company Association of Iraq

12.29.05          Advice: What is an American? A primer.

10.22.05          Funny: White Trash Hurricane Survival Kit

05.10.05          Tech: Secret Taliban Desert Fast Attack Vehicle with Mini-gun

02.05.05          Funny: Priceless in Afghanistan

02.02.05          Funny: Private Military Contractors Creed

12.28.04          Advice: Warzone Contracting Advice by Anonymous

11.26.04          News: Are plans in place if schools attacked? by Joesph Myers

11.25.04          PowerPoint: Ballad of the PowerPoint Rangers (To the tune of "The Green Berets")

11.08.04          Book: The Sling and the Stone: On War in the 21st Century - by Thomas X. Hammes

06.01.03          Opinion: This is what happens when governments try to ban guns

05.26.03          Bookshelf: Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Professional Reading List

05.21.03          Book: In the Company of Heroes: A True Story by Michael J. Durant

05.19.03          News: Keep And Bear Arms

04.12.03          News: Mohammed Saeed al-Sahaf named C4I.org's new Information Minister

02.07.03          Funny: J. Edgar Hoover and The Lascivious 'Louie Louie'

01.28.03          Cool: Bruce Sterling on C4I.org

01.20.03          PowerPoint: The PowerPoint Ranger Creed

01.13.03          Cool: 102-year-old soldier tells secrets to long life

01.06.03          News: Flying anytime soon, get ready to toss The Bill of Rights!

12.27.02          Spycraft: The Hunt for 928 or Has Anyone Seen This Spy Plane?

12.16.02          Bookshelf: The Marine Corps Professional Reading Program List

11.24.02          Obituary: Cmdr. Doug Fane; laid groundwork for Navy SEALs

08.26.02          Book: Breakdown: How America's Intelligence Failures Led to September 11 by Bill Gertz

08.19.02          News: C4I.org buttons & propaganda

08.15.02          News: Contribute to C4I.org

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