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Added 3.20.2007 Current Terrorism Threat Level: U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  Daily updated list of U.S. & Coalition Casualties in Iraq : CNN
  The Special Operations Warrior Foundation : The Warrior Foundation
  [ISN]: InfoSec News Mailing List : William Knowles (Moderator)
  Packet Storm : Full Disclosure Computer Security Site
  Directory of Open Access Journals: Lund University Libraries
  Shadow Company: Nick Bicanic
  The Center for Contemporary Conflict: Naval Postgraduate School
  Jane's C4I Systems 2006 - 2007 : Giles Ebbutt
  Terrorist Capabilities for Cyberattack: John Rollins and Clay Wilson
  The Militant Ideology Atlas: Dr. William McCants, Dr. Jarret Brachman, USMA
  Reflections from a Red Team Leader: Susan Craig
  Black Alchemy Fake AP: 53,000 False Generated Wireless Access Points
  Treachery Unlimited: Jay Dyson
  UCS Satellite Database: Union of Concerned Scientists
  Open Source Disaster Recovery: Calvert Jones and Sarai Mitnick
  Heavens-Above (Satellite Predictions): Chris Peat
  The Bunker : Ultra-Secure Data Colocation
  Joint Doctrine for Military Deception (Updated) [.pdf]: Joint Chiefs of Staff
  Send Care Packages to U.S. Military : AnySoldier.com
  Licensed to Kill: Hired Guns in the War on Terror: Robert Young Pelton
  OSVDB: Independent, Unbiased Resource of Security Information
  Clandestine and Guerrilla Radio Stations : Daily Intelligence on Subversive TV & Radio
  Chinese Unrestricted Warfare [.pdf]: PLA Senior Colonels Qia Liang & Wang Xiangsui
  Link to C4I.org - Buttons & Propaganda: C4I.org Staff
Added 2.10.2006 Information Operations Roadmap : Department of Defense
  Jane's C4I Systems 2005 - 2006 : Giles Ebbutt
  New Attrition Mailing Lists : Attrition.org Staff
  Chinese Military Power : The Project on Defense Alternatives
  Stealing the Network : FX, Paul Craig, Joe Grand, Tim Mullen, Fyodor, Ryan Russell, Jay Beale
  Teaching Intelligence: Getting Started : John Macartney
  Ambient Findability : Peter Morville
  Build Security In : DHS National Cyber Security Division
Basic Security Awareness [.pdf]: Geraint Jones
  Tor : The Tor Project, Inc., EFF & ONR & DARPA
  CISSP Exam & Study Information : William Knowles
  10 GPS Vulnerabilities : LTC. Thomas K. Adams (Ret.)
  Hacking for a cause : Brian Still
  Rewards for Justice: Department of State, Diplomatic Security Service
  CERIAS Incident Response Database : Purdue University
  Redacting with Confidence : SNAC-IAD - National Security Agency
  China's Psychological Warfare : Laura K. Murray
  The World's Most Dangerous Places: 5th Edition : Robert Young Pelton
  Electronic Encyclopaedia of Civil Defense & Emergency Management : Walter Green
  Chronology of Data Breaches Reported Since the ChoicePoint Incident : Privacy Rights Clearinghouse
  Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members of Foreign Governments : Central Intelligence Agency
Added 7.4.2005 The Dynamic Terrorist Threat : R. Kim Cragin, Sara A. Daly, RAND Corporation
  Encyclopedia of Intelligence and Counterintelligence : Edited by Rodney Carlisle
  An Incomplete Manifesto for Growth : Bruce Mau
  2005 Terrorism Risk Map : Aon United
  Buzztracker : Visual Representations of News on the Internet
  ProcessLibrary.com : Detailed information about every common process.
  Arms Control Wonk : Jeffrey Lewis, Paul Kerr
  Open CRS Network : CRS Reports for the People
  Marine Corps Gazette : The Professional Journal of the U.S. Marines
  Air University Library Map Room : U.S. Air Force
  Electronic Warfare for the Digitized Battlefield : by Michael Frater, Michael Ryan
  Sun Tzu - The Art of War Strategy Site : Intelligent Approach to Competition
  Roadside Bombs and Armored Vehicles : Thomas Herlihy
  START : National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism
  Building Security: Handbook for Architectural Planning & Design : Barbara A. Nadel
  The Media's Portrayal of Hacking, Hackers, and Hacktivism Before & After 9/11 : Sandor Vegh
Added 8.15.2004 Knoppix STD : Linux Security Tools Distribution
  Insecure.org: Home of Nmap, by Fyodor
  Jane's C4I Systems 2004-2005: Giles Ebbutt (Editor)
  Psychology of Intelligence Analysis: Richards J. Heuer, Jr.
  ACIG Journal: Air Combat Information Group
  Relearning Counterinsurgency Warfare: Robert T. Tomes
  Military Battles and Campaigns: The Library of Congress
  Urban Sunrise: U.S.A.F. Research Laboratory
  WiGLE : Wireless Geographic Logging Engine
  Defeating Terrorists on the Waterfront: Commander James Pelkofski, U.S.N.
  Hardening Your Computing Assets: Carlo Kopp
  International Stability Operations Association (IPOA): Doug Brooks
  Cybersecurity for Critical Infrastructure Protection: Government Accountability Office
  Cyber Adversary Characterization: Auditing the Hacker Mind: Tom Parker, Marcus Sachs, Eric Shaw, Ed Stroz, Matthew G. Devost
  Info from Iraq - From Someone who is Doing the Run and Gun: Ben Thomas
  What is C4I? : C4I.org Staff
Added 11.15.2003 Hacker Generations : Richard Thieme
  Simple Nomad's DefCon 11 Rant : Simple Nomad
  Angola Landmine Database: Norwegian Peoples Aid
  Middle East Media Research Institute: Independent Research Group
  Partnership for Effective Peacekeeping Operations: A policy working group
  BlackBerry Reveals Bank's Secrets: Kim Zetter
  Real-Time Top Ten Vulnerabilities: Qualys Vulnerability Research Lab
  Dead Horses in the Sun: Larry A. Bell
  SecurityDriver.com: Tony Scotti
  The Dawn of the E-Bomb: Michael Abrams
  The Myth of Homeland Security: Marcus Ranum
  Jane's C4I Systems, 2003-2004: Giles Ebbutt (Editor)
  Real 802.11 Security: Wi-Fi Protected Access & 802.11i: Jon Edney & William A. Arbaugh
  Annual Report on the Military Power of The Peoples's Republic of China [.pdf]: U.S. Department of Defense
  Analysis of an Electronic Voting System: Tadayoshi Kohno, Adam Stubblefield, Aviel D. Rubin, & Dan S. Wallach
Added 7.1.2003 Iraq's Crash Course in Cyberwar: Brian McWilliams
  Help Support C4I.org, Please Make a Donation: C4I.org Staff
  North Korean Tactics: Maj. James M. Minnich
  No Outward Sign: Bill Neugent
  Jane's C4I Systems, 2002-2003: Giles Ebbutt (Editor)
  Intrusion Detection with Snort: Jack Koziol
  In the Company of Heroes: Michael J. Durant
  Nothing Learned from Black Hawk Down: Mike Sparks
  Failing to Keep Up With the Information Revolution: Bruce Berkowitz
  Planning for Survivable Networks: Annlee A. Hines
  Joint Doctrine for Information Operations [.pdf]: Joint Chiefs of Staff
  Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box: Ryan Russell, Ido Dubrawsky, FX
  Secrets of Computer Espionage: Joel McNamara
  The Mind of War: Grant Tedrick Hammond
  Chinese Defence Today: Unofficial website of the Chinese defence affair
  If We Run Out of Batteries, This War is Screwed. : Joshua Davis
  The Influence Component of Counterterrorism : Paul K. Davis & Brian Michael Jenkins
  Association of Old Crows : The Electronic Warfare & Information Operations Association
  International Charter Incorporated of Oregon: Worldwide aviation, security, and logistics services
Added 2.15.2002 The Marine Corps Professional Reading Program List: United States Marine Corps
  Black Hawk Down - A Story of Modern War: Mark Bowden
  Information Assurance Technology Analysis Center: Department of Defense
  Civilians, Spies, and Blue Suits: Jeffrey T. Richelson
  Breakdown - How America's Intelligence Failures Led to 9/11: Bill Gertz
  The Center for Internet Security: Not-For-Profit Security Organization
  Internet Storm Center: The SANS Institute
  DigitalGlobe: High-Res Commerical Satellite Imagery
  Boyd - The Fighter Pilot Who Changed the Art of War: Robert Coram
  Understanding Revolutionary Warfare: Major Dennis I. Merritt, USMC
  Securing 802.11 with OpenBSD: Jarkko Turkulainen
  The Liberty Incident: A. Jay Cristol
  Pattern Recognition: William Gibson
  Maximum Wireless Security: Cyrus Peikari, Seth Fogie
  Information Operations - The IFOR Experience : Larry K. Wentz
  The Ten Commandments of Counterintelligence: James M. Olson
  Strong Cryptography Links on the Internet: William Knowles
  UCIA.org Domain For Sale : C4I.org Staff
  The Spread of the Sapphire/Slammer Worm: David Moore, Vern Paxson Stefan Savage, Colleen Shannon, Stuart Staniford, & Nicholas Weaver
Added 11.15.2002 Reality Bytes: Cyberterrorism and Terrorist 'Use' of the Internet: Maura Conway
  The Memorability and Security of Passwords: Jianxin Yan, Alan Blackwell, Ross Anderson, & Alasdair Grant
  The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security: Kevin D. Mitnick, William L. Simon
  The Myth of Cyberterrorism: Joshua Green
  Honeypots: Tracking Hackers: Lance Spitzner
  Matrix of recently prosecuted computer intrusion cases: U.S. Department of Justice
  Network Intrusion Detection: An Analyst's Handbook (2nd Edition): Stephen Northcutt
  America Still Unprepared - America Still in Danger: Council on Foreign Relations
  Managing Information Security Risks: The OCTAVE Approach: Christopher J. Alberts, Audrey J. Dorofee
  IntelligenceCareers.com: Defense & intelligence employment opportunities
  Inferring Internet Denial-of-Service Activity: David Moore, Geoffrey Voelker, & Stefan Savage
  Command and Control Research Program: Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
  Information-Age Psychological Operations [.pdf]: Commander Randall G. Bowdish, USN
  Global Engagement: Building Castles On Sand?: Col. Carla D. Bass, USAF
  List of TCP and UDP port numbers: Wikipedia
  Body of Secrets: Anatomy of the Ultra-Secret National Security Agency: James Bamford
  The Book of Five Rings: Miyamoto Musashi, William Scott Wilson (Translator)
  Information Operations: U.S. Air Force Doctrine Document 2-5
  Hacktivists or Cyberterrorists? The Changing Media Discourse on Hacking: Sandor Vegh
  Electronic Warfare for the Digitized Battlefield: Michael Frater, Michael Ryan
  The International Crisis Group : Private, Multinational Organization to Prevent & Resolve Deadly Conflict.
  Security Engineering: A Guide to Building Dependable Distributed Systems: Ross J. Anderson
  Critical Infrastructure Protection - Commercial Satellite Security Should be More Fully Addressed [.pdf]: General Accounting Office
  Espionage Against the United States by American Citizens [.pdf] : Katherine L. Herbig, Martin F. Wiskoff
  Military Operations Research Society: Professional Association of Military and Civilian Defense Analysts, Planners, & Operators
  Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism: Dedicated to preventing and reducing terrorism
Added 8.15.2002 Military Response to 4GW in Afghanistan: Greg Wilcox and Gary I. Wilson
  The Art of War: Sun Tzu, Samuel B. Griffith (Translator)
  How to Fight the Terror Networks: Francis Pisani
  David H. Hackworth: Unique & Interesting Viewpoints on the U.S. Military
  The End of Secrecy?: Lt. Col. Beth M. Kasper, USAF
  Inside Al Qaeda: Global Network of Terror: Rohan Gunaratna
  Envisioning Information: Edward R. Tufte
  Homeland Insecurity: Charles Mann
  Critical Infrastructure Protection - July 2002: General Accounting Office
  The CIA in Somalia, 1993: Vernon Loeb
  On War: Karl Von Clausewitz
  MicroPilot: Low Cost Autopilot Hardware & UAV's
  Introduction to UAV Systems: Paul G. Fahlstrom, Thomas J. Gleason
  Trinux: Linux Security Toolkit
  Realizing the Potential of C4I: Fundamental Challenges: National Research Council
  Management Responsibility in Protecting Information Assets: An Australian Perspective: Adrian McCullagh
  The Art of Information Warfare: Insight into the Knowledge Warrior Philosophy: Richard Forno, Ronald Baklarz
Added 4.30.2002 Stay Safe Online: National Cyber Security Alliance
  BECCA: William M. Johnson, Ph.D
  VulnWatch: Steve Manzuik
  The New Mobile Infantry: Michael Behar
  The Man Who Tried to Save the World : The Dangerous Life and Mysterious Disappearance of Fred Cuny: Scott Anderson
  The Open Channel Foundation: Open Source Software from Academic & Research Institutions
  Textfiles.com: Jason Scott
  The CIA Insider's Dictionary of U.S. and Foreign Intelligence, Counterintelligence & Tradecraft: Leo D. Carl
  Uncloaking Terrorist Networks: Valdis E. Krebs
  Trusted Recovery and Defensive Information Warfare: Peng Liu & Sushil Jajodia
  Intelligence Analysis for Internet Security: Ideas, Barriers and Possibilities: Timothy Shimeall, Phil Williams, & Casey Dunleavy
  KGB Lexicon: The Soviet Intelligence Officer's Handbook: Vasiliy Mitrokhin
  In Athena's Camp: Preparing for Conflict in the Information Age: John Arquilla
  G2mil - Warfare Research Portal: Carlton Meyer
  AlertNet: Reuters Foundation
  Snort: Open Source Network Intrusion Detection System
  An Analysis of Al-Qaida Tradecraft: Decision Support Systems, Inc.
  Asymmetric Warfare and the Threat to the American Homeland: Joseph C. Cyrulik
Added 2.15.2002 Councils of War: James Fallows
  w00w00 Security Development: Largest Private, Non-Profit Computer Security Group
  Shadow Warriors: Inside the Special Forces: Tom Clancy & General Carl Stiner (Ret.)
  SecureMac: Apple Macintosh Security Site
  Terrorist Group Profiles - Index of Groups: Naval Postgraduate School
  Minimanual of the Urban Guerrilla: Carlos Marighella
  The Falling Leaf: The Journal of the Psywar Society
  Dual Use Aspects of Commercial High-Resolution Imaging Satellites: Gerald Steinberg
Added 1.1.2002 Network-Centric Warfare and Complex Humanitarian Emergencies, Meet Napster! [.doc]: W. Scott Gureck
  The Art of Naming Operations: Gregory C. Sieminski
  The Creation and Dissemination of All Forms of Information in Support of Psychological Operations (PSYOP) in Time of Military Conflict [.pdf]: Department of Defense
  Networks and Netwars: The Future of Terror, Crime, and Militancy: John Arquilla & David F. Ronfeldt
  Working with the CIA: Garrett Jones
  Nomad Mobile Research Centre: Simple Nomad
  Cryptology in the 16th and 17th Centuries: Thomas Leary
  Navajo Code Talkers' Dictionary: Department of the Navy
  NIST National Vulnerability Database: National Institute of Standards & Technology
  Information Warfare Principles and Operations: Edward Waltz
  Joint Force Quarterly: National Defense University
  The Nessus Project: Renaud Deraison
  Information Warfare Tutorial: Robert F. Minehart, Jr.
  Warfare in the Third World: Robert E. Harkavy, Stephanie G. Neuman
  An Unorthodox Soldier: Tim Spicer
  Mines Advisory Group: Private Landmine Clearance Organization
  Directed Energy Professional Society: Research and Development of Directed Energy
  Hunter, the Hammer, and Heaven: Journeys to Three Worlds Gone Mad: Robert Young Pelton
  Robotics at SPAWAR: Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego
  WarDriving.com: Driving around looking for unsecured wireless networks
  World Trade Center Damage Map: The City of New York, Urban Data Solutions & CNN
  List of Business Offices, Tenants, and Companies in the World Trade Center: Gary Stock
  National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center: National Institute of Justice
Added 10.2.2001 The Packetfactory : Clearinghouse for Free Network Security Software - Mike Schiffman
  Fundamentals of Electronic Warfare: Sergei A. Vakin
  Ew 101 : A First Course in Electronic Warfare: David L. Adamy
  Talisker's List of Intrusion Detection Systems: Talisker
  The International Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism: Boaz Ganor
  FM 90-10 Military Operations on Urbanized Terrain (MOUT): United States Army
  Seismic Observations of the World Trade Center Disaster: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University
  Information Technology & Operations Center: United States Military Academy
  Defense Security Service: Department of Defense
  The Center for Strategic & International Studies: Strategic Insights on Current & Emerging Global Issues
Added 8.27.2001 Security-Enhanced Linux: National Security Agency
  Defensive Information Warfare: David S. Alberts
  Information Security: An Integrated Collection of Essays: Edited by Marshall D. Abrams, Sushil Jajodia & Harold J. Podell
  Computer Viruses in Electronic Warfare: Dr. Myron L. Cramer and Stephen R. Pratt
  Fighting the Wily Hacker: Modeling Information Security Issues for Online Financial Institutions Using the SEAS Environment: Alok Chaturvedi, Mukul Gupta, Shailendra Mehta & Lorenzo Valeri
  The meaning of Eligible Receiver: The Crypt Newsletter
  U.S.S. Liberty Homepage: Jim Ennes & Joe Meadors
Added 6.27.2001 Information Operations [.pdf]: United States Marine Corps Warfighting Publication
  Equipped To Survive: Douglas Ritter
  ProMED-mail : The Global Electronic Reporting System for Outbreaks of Emerging Infectious Diseases & Toxins
  Journal of Military and Strategic Studies : Centre for Military and Strategic Studies
  Center for the Study of Chinese Military Affairs: National Defense University
  Cyber Threat Trends and US Network Security : National Intelligence Council
  DominoSecurity.org: Chuck Connell
  Jane's C4I Systems 2001-2002: Edited by Clive Walker
  The Cult of the Dead Cow: cDc Communications
Added 5.1.2001 Swarming and the Future of Conflict [.pdf]: John Arquilla & David F. Ronfeldt
  Cornerstones of Information Warfare: United States Air Force
  Blind Man's Bluff: The Untold Story of American Submarine Espionage: Sherry Sontag
  The Spy Who Lost Me: Michelle Delio - Wired News
  Whom the Gods Would Destroy: An Information Warfare Alternative for Deterrence and Compellence: Maj. Robert D. Critchlow
  The Ethics of Computer Network Attack: William J. Bayles
Added 4.6.2001 Information Warfare: Hype or Reality [.pdf]: E. Anders Eriksson
  Asymmetric Threats and the next QDR : Kenneth McKenzie, Jr.
Added 3.23.2001 Microsoft, VeriSign Warn of Security Hole: Cameron Crouch, PCWorld.com
  Sources and Techniques of Obtaining National Defense Science and Technology Intelligence: Huo Zhongwen and Wang Zongxiao
Added 1.29.2001 Microsoft Admits Hack Attacks: Cameron Crouch, PCWorld.com
Added 12.17.2000 U.S. Is Relaxing Rules on Sale of Satellite Photos: Vernon Loeb - Washington Post
Added 11.28.2000 Pentagon IG Report on Allegations of Breaches of Security by Dr. John M. Deutch: Federation of American Scientists
Added 11.16.2000 Checklist for the Future of Intelligence: Dr. John Hollister Hedley
  Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management: George Washington University
  Naval Intelligence Professionals: Furthering knowledge of the art of maritime intelligence.
Added 11.14.2000 Research Institute for European and American Studies: Non-profit institute for the analysis of security, intelligence, and policy issues.
  Special Operations.Com: Information about U.S. and International Special Operations teams
Added 11.6.2000 Russian merchant ships used in spying: Bill Gertz - The Washington Times
Added 10.30.2000 Pings and E-Arrows Fly in Mideast Cyber-War: The Washington Post
  Information Security in a Third Wave Society: William P. Crowell, Deputy Director, NSA
Added 10.20.2000 NSA Korean War Commemoration: National Security Agency
Added 10.16.2000 SearchMil: Privately run search engine of U.S. Military sites.
Updated 11.25.2002 Photos of Sierra Leone: Doug Brooks
Added 9.8.2000 Managing the Information Security Program: U.S. Air Force
Added 8.6.2000 A Look at Spy Satellites and Hollywood: The Washington Post
  Man Poses as Astronaut, Steals NASA Secrets : Reuters News Service
Added 7.10.2000 Possible Soviet Responses to the US Strategic Defense Initiative: Declassified Interagency Intelligence Assessment
Added 6.25.2000 WHY SPY? The Uses and Misuses of Intelligence: Stanley Kober - CATO Institute
  The Complete, Unofficial TEMPEST Information Page: Joel McNamara
  FIRST: Forum of Incident Response and Security Teams
Added 6.21.2000 The Common Vulnerabilities & Exposures (CVE) Project: The MITRE Corporation
Added 6.14.2000 May 2000 GAO Report on FAA Computer Security [.pdf]: General Accounting Office
Added 6.9.2000 Countering the Changing Threat Of International Terrorism: National Commission on Terrorism
  The Inevitability of Failure: The Flawed Assumption of Security in Modern Computing Environments [.pdf]: Peter A. Loscocco, Stephen D. Smalley, Patrick A. Muckelbauer, Ruth C. Taylor,
  Considerations for Allocating Resources for Information Security [.pdf]: Marshall D. Abrams, Carolyn M. Johnson, Jay J. Kahn, and Susan G. King - MITRE Corporation
  NASA NPG 2810.1 - Security of Information Technology: NASA Chief Information Officer
  Rainbow Series Library: National Computer Security Center
  NOT the Orange Book: Paul H. Merrill
Added 4.22.2000 Missing PC Held Trove of Secrets: The Washington Post
Updated 1.1.2002 It's Not What You Know, It's Who You Know: Work in the Information Age: Bonnie Nardi
Added 3.13.2000 Toys for the U.S. Military?: Pros and Cons of laptops and Palm Pilots for the military.
Added 2.18.2000 Improper Handling of Classified Information by John M. Deutch: Central Intelligence Agency
  Activism, Hacktivism, and Cyberterrorism: Dorothy E. Denning
  Hostile Intelligence Threat [.pdf]: Department of Defense
Added 5.15.2000 NASA's Information Security Vulnerability: United States General Accounting Office
  Strategic Information Warfare Rising: RAND Corporation
  FM 34-8-2 Intelligence Officer's Handbook: United States Army
  FM 34-60 Counterintelligence: United States Army
  Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Assessments [.pdf]: United States Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory
  Jane's C4I Systems 1999-2000: Edited by Clive Walker
Added 11.19.2000 Zen and the Art of Hacking: Richard Thieme - Internet Underground
Updated 11.15.2002 Cutting Out The Hackers: Ted C. Fishman - Playboy.com
Updated 10.2.2001 The Economic Espionage Act of 1996: Department of Justice


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